Treat yourself with unique personalized handmade necklaces!
My shop on Etsy is also an online store for local Gift Shop
owners searching for unique items from independent
designers and for men looking for original gifts for Her!

My one of a kind collection is made of gold filled, silver, brass
and beautiful stones.  The natural minerals, I most
often use for my designs are elegant said to be
well being agate, elegant amber, yellow citrine, red garnet,  
green jade, mineral quartz, aqua seaglass, clear crystal,
earthy unakite and more!
Stylish personalized jewelry online store on Etsy with beautiful
necklaces gifts for elegant women!  My Jewelry is eclectic from
modern to rustic, from minimalist to statement,
from Boho to Preppy Chic...
All Art © Marie Christine Belkadi
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